Tuesday, August 23, 2005

SOUNDPOST: 000 Introduction

This is one of my favourite parts of blogging; writing about things I have a genuine interest for. One of my hobbies is playing music (I play both the piano and guitar - desperately need a new guitar tho!) I'm generally into any kind of music, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm really into my indie music at the music. Each month I'll post my views on bands I'm into.

Before I do tho' two things:

1) If you're in and around the West Midlands area be sure to check out Kerrang! Radio. Love it. Birmingham's first dedicated rock station.


2) If you haven't purchased a hard drive based mp3 player and you're not sure what to buy, let me help you out. DON'T BUY AN IPOD. My mate Tiff bought one a few months ago; it physically broke within days, another friend of mine killed his battery due to frequent use. Iriver is a good player but lacks that cool factor. The Creative Zen players are excellent allowing for as much as 80G of songs; as are the Samsung models (the Samsung YH-920 plays literally anything: mp3, wma, wav, aiff, midi without the need for conversion into ATRAC or OGG) Without a shadow of a doubt, the best player available is the SONY NWHD-5. I got the 30G version as a birthday present and it is a fantastic player. Some of the features are immense e.g. it is able to store 17000 (!) tracks on the device due to its compression software. It has software to prevent destruction or loss of quality after trauma. It is the size of a credit card (seriously). It only cost me £23o; bargain. The only let down is the music software; SonicStage is poor compared to ITunes, however frequent music transfer allows the user to get used to it. However don't let this minor issue stop you from buying easily the best player on the market.


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