Monday, August 22, 2005

10 Things I love about Birmingham.

Birmingham is my home. I'm a BRUMMIE and proud to say it.
I have to stress this point as many people (particularly from London and Manchester) slag off my city. For all of you who have actually visited the city, you'd know that it is a vibrant and energetic city.

Here's why;

1) A proud history. Not many people realise Birmingham's importance in the Industrial Revolution which helped develop the economic prosperity which Britain is able to enjoy to this day. The Jewellery Quarter is one of the world's most famous jewellery manufacturing areas famously making "the ring" used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

2) The architure in Birmingham is also world renowned; the Selfridges Building was voted by FHM as one of the 'coolest in the world' and other buildings especially around Birmingham University, Corporation Street and Victoria Square deserve a mention.

3) Our beautiful accents. Although people may mock people from "Biirrrmingum" on the way we speak, it defines our very distinctive culture. Famous brummie accents include those of Jasper Carrott, Frank Skinner and, of course Halifax Howard from the Halifax adverts. Personally, I think the Brummie accent is "Bostin".

4) Our culture. In very few cities in the UK is there such a diverse mix of people in such a small area of the world. People from the West Indies (my backgroud is Jamaican), Pakistan, India, China, the USA, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden; you name it and they are represented here in Birmingham. Surely this can only be or benefit for culture in the future; for example, Birmingham is well known for its Baltis (and with good reason believe you me!), as well as having a thriving Chinese Quarter. Despite what idiots such as Nick Griffin tell you, multiculturalism will... no... is working.

5) Retail Paradise. The city is the second most popular retail area outside London. The Bullring is the largest shopping centre in Europe. Whether its French Connection, Cult, Topman (or if you're a "durrrty kev" JD Sports and Sports World) The Bullring has it. Check it out. For your more upmarket clobber The Mailbox is the place to be. Bouncers outside shops, you'd think you're on Saville Row!

6) Aston Villa. No explanation needed. Come on you Villa Boys!

7) University of Birmingham. See you all next month!!!

8) Nightlife. Broad St, the Arcadian and the Custard Factory. Loads and loads and loads of clubs and bars. Personal favourites are Risa on Broad St; Arca Bar in the Arcadian and (of course) the Medicine Bar in the Custary Factory.

9) Brindleyplace. Home to reams and reams of bars built along Birmingham's canal network. Check it out.

10) StarCity. This place is fun. Although its in Nechells (near Aston) and is a bit of a way from the city centre, there's shit loads to do there. Cinema, Bowling, Shops, Bars, Restaurants. Nice

So have look. You never know, you might even like it here.


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